Custom e-Learning

It is now widely accepted that e-learning has finally 'crossed the chasm' in terms of effectiveness, learning retention and performance improvement.


This, together with the cost-effectiveness of e-Learning has resulted in most companies employing an e-Learning strategy.



   • Deliver engaging, interactive e-learning solutions that are easy to use, time-efficient
       and will reduce your training budget.
   • Push out the creative boundaries and exploit the latest technologies that will deliver
      the best training course possible. This will have the maximum impact on your
      learners and result in improved efficiency in your organisation.
   • Listen attentively to your unique requirements and assess the optimum solution we
      can deliver for your spend.
   - Developing a Learning Campaign involving support videos and events to launch the
      learning campaign as well as initiatives to keep participants interested and transform
   - Developing high-end e-Learning involving simulations and 3D.
   - Developing video, or cartoon-based creative learning with stories and exercises
      designed to challenge learners, effecting culture change and transforming behaviours.
   - Delivering content on a mobile phone, as a podcast or in bite-size chunks at source.
   - If under budget and time restraints, you may want to implement a rapid learning solution
      that will be simple but effective.


If you wish to do part or all of the work in-house, we can coach learning technologists in everything from Learning Campaign Planning to helping them to get started in Captivate / Lectora, other e-Learning Authoring tools or even video editing software.


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