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We’re now living in the lean, six-sigma world – every process undertaken is optimized and re-optimized to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved. Sales teams are highly focused on improving targets, managements teams are focused on improving efficiencies.


It’s a challenge to get through an entire online training course, never mind spending a day away from the office training.

However that doesn’t mean that training goes on the back burner.


Bite-sized training is already around us in our personal lives. We can watch a YouTube video giving instructions on virtually

any task from fixing a bike to inserting a sim card properly in an iPhone.


Haven Technologies can develop bite-sized sales, process or management training and deliver it to any or all of your devices.

We can even take existing courses and divide them into manageable bite-sized chunks.

This means that sales consultants can quickly refresh in an area of training relevant to the customer they
are about to visit. In manufacturing facilities, people can bring the learning to source on a mobile and follow
the instructions issued about an instrument while sitting right next to it.
These bite-sized chunks are big and powerful in terms of the impact they can have on helping you become successful in your work. They are interactive, action based and most of all fun!
Just contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we can design a solution to fit your needs and budget.

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