Mindfulness & Stress Management

Large companies like Google now realise that when employees are happy, calm and work in a pleasant environment, then productivity and creativity soars.


That’s not to say that it’s not good to have some stress in our lives. Stress enables us to push

out the boundaries and meet that deadline or personal goal, giving us confidence and a sense of



However, if we are constantly overloaded and under pressure then that stress can have a very

negative effect on our productivity and our health.


   Here at Haven Technologies, we have a number of programmes that help you to recognise
   and accept your unique personality and make-up. We have a community approach to
   optimising the morale in the company and helping your people to maximise their potential
   and keep a healthy balance in and out of work.
   Our approach here is blended, with some group sessions, with a number of online
   modules and a community portal where people can share knowledge and experience.


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