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...and what does that tell us? Old habits die hard!

We believe that, in the case of critical operations, we need to bring about a cultural change in the organisation, where deep down each person feels that they should adopt specific habits and behaviours. How do we achieve this?


We implement compelling, persuasive training programmes as part of a Learning Campaign. Changing cultural behaviour through a Learning Campaign applies to any type of industry. This leads to efficiency of operation, reduction of costs and enhanced personal safety.


We have found that when a Learning Campaign is executed and implemented, people will no longer just pay lip-service to the new initiative, but will innately adopt the new behaviours and want others to follow suit.


The initial steps in a Learning Campaign involve doing some ‘Market Research’, using an empathetic approach to understanding the existing behaviours:


1. Identify behaviour you want to change:

It may be, for example, appropriate internet and social media usage.


2. Identify your audience:

There may be several groups involved here: Operators, supervisors, managers each with their own set of values and belief systems.


3. Identify the barriers to adopting behaviours/habits through interviews / surveys / focus groups:

4. Planning & High-level Design of the Learning Campaign:

I find that planning and design time spent up front saves blood, sweat, tears (and money!) when it comes to implementing and executing the project.


Some of the important elements include:


• Identify key stakeholders in the company that will have ownership of the campaign


• What is the budget?


• Do the high-level project plan, with start date, launch date and milestones


• What resources are required: Usually a combination of

in-house expertise and external specialists such as ours (Haven Technologies) will be employed.


• Brainstorm and identify the main elements of the Learning Campaign.


5. Detailed design for the Learning Campaign


Here, the content of the campaign is thoroughly designed.

This content includes some or all of the following elements and might also include some novel ideas that came out of

the brainstorming sessions.

E-Learning and Instructor-led training:
a blended approach

As part of the instructional design, it is really important to have compelling, persuasive, motivational and interactive content to ensure that the message is getting through.


Techniques that can be employed include: game-based exercises, scenarios involving cartoon-based animated characters and actors as the budget allows.


Promotional Videos:




Other elements can include posters, flyers, competitions and reward schemes, learning portals, social media and mobile apps. These are being increasingly used to broadcast news/announcements about the campaign and as a means of implementing some of the initiatives, such as competitions, rewards and assessments. I could elaborate on this but it really warrants a separate article on the topic.

6. Learning Campaign Implementation:

In this phase the campaign is launched, actioned and tracked.


Launch hints: An email flyer can be sent to all relevant

employees with links to social media sites and campaign portal.


7. Measure the Effectiveness of the campaign:

The methods deployed here are dependent on the type of behaviour being targeted for change. For example, in the cleanroom situation, it should be possible to see a distinct reduction in contamination of product.

8. Prevent backsliding:
Follow it up with reinforcement!

This can be in the form of additional videos during the year that celebrate successes (which in itself is like a mini-launch).

The campaign portal and social media can also be used to run back-up initiatives that help to keep up the hype and motivation.



We can offer our expertise in the form of coaching your staff and providing back-up resources at some or all stages of campaign development.


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